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Monday, February 20

Paris turns 25!

Paris Hilton turned 25 on February 17th which means she and I both fall under the astrological sign of Aquarius. Many Aquarians have mental problems, it's a proven fact and a reason why I'm so fond of my "happy pills" which Tom Cruise is trying to wean me off of. Paris is also known to have a delicate emotional constitution. Who would have thought we were alike in any way? Aside from that, the things Paris and I have in common ends abruptly.

In the above photos, either Paris is bloated or has a belly full of semen from a fellow party-goer, perhaps many deposits were made in the bank of Hilton that evening. We will never know because Paris doesn't kiss and tell. She does however, take copious notes and lock her journals in storage facilities. She also is open to video taping her exploits so stay tuned for a video surfacing on the internet.

In other P. Hilton news, she cites drugged out rocker Pete Doherty as a musical influence. Yes, you read that correctly. Click here for the full story. She wants to jump his fragile and coke- filled bones. Why? Because Kate Moss did and she's hot!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Shiny skin-tight pink is not a good choice for a bloated day.

And damn that is an ugly picture of Paris on the link...No, I am not one of those crazies who thinks she is good looking (the tiny eyes, the beaky nose, the left eye being half the size of the right one--well none of that adds up to attractive) but she looks extra horrid in that pic. @ 8:17 AM GMT  
Anonymous ffleur said...
Paris, you remembered not to wear panties to avoid the dreaded "pantie line" but you forgot the colonic to get rid of that belly bulge. What is that you say Paris... you don't own panties?... Of course you don't dear, what was I thinking? @ 10:15 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
"belly full of semen": You are so damn funny DJ, I laughed so hard I woke the baby! Funny and totally quotable. @ 3:56 PM GMT  
Anonymous Sage said...
It's not so much she's "bloated"... I mean... unless she's starved herself so much she's started to get that "African child" belly.

It's that her wardrobe, once again, is simply, truly, amazingly HORRID. Look at that dress! You could be LiLo thin with that dress and still look bloated... @ 5:38 PM GMT  
Anonymous Asta said...
That is a truly hideous dress. I am especially disturbed by the floral detail that frames and enhances the belly. Don't get me wrong, I am all for womanly curves and do not think that Paris is fat, in fact I think she is too slim. But that dress, dammn! @ 6:44 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Who's the drunk bastard in the 2nd pic? @ 8:51 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
that's her dad @ 1:03 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
You know, most of the people here laughing at her "bloated stomach" will never be as wealthy, thin, or pampered. Or adored. We may hate her here, but when she goes out, all it is thousands of girls going up to her telling her how they want to be like her and thousands of guys going up to her and telling her how hot she is. We sit here reading about her while she jet sets and does pretty much what she wants, being fawned over all the while. Pretty sure that she has the last laugh. @ 1:34 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anon 1:34, to be completely honest with you, I have no envy for her life. While yes, it would be nice to have seemingly limitless amounts of cash, I really wouldn't trade places with her. You have to WANT the people fawning all over you and the constant attention. I am totally content to sit in my lovely house, in my lovely neighborhood, with my husband and 2 kids, and just be me. I would HATE being in the spotlight all of the time, despite being a very outgoing person. There are many very wealthy people who do not court attention the way she does (and dress waaaaay better). Whether she feels that she's getting the "last laugh" is irrelevant to me, as I feel like my life is much more fulfilled (and much better suited to me) than hers.

And the dress is just awful. It looks like a maternity dress, designed to draw attention to her stomach. Maybe the attention she's been getting lately has been lagging so she needs to start pregnancy rumors. @ 3:53 AM GMT  
Anonymous nv said...
Am I the only one who thinks she looks good here? I'm a Paris-loather, but . . .

Her mom looks like a wax whore dummy. Now I see where Paris is headed. @ 4:11 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
is that 25 in dog years??

arf! @ 5:45 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I want to be just like Paris! Genital Herpes are HOT... @ 11:32 PM GMT  
Anonymous tempae said...
nv ... If your saying that its nice that shes wearing clothes for a change, Im with you there... otherwise, shes def. wearing a maternity dress. @ 4:45 PM GMT  
Blogger Cate said...
My ex-husband is an Aquarius, too. He is a vain, superficial, oversexed, bipolar nutcase who would have sex with anything. Sound familiar? @ 4:56 AM GMT  
Anonymous sierra said...
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Blogger said...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
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Anonymous Pregnancy said...
she change her boyfriend so often like changing cloths... @ 8:18 AM GMT+1  
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