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Sunday, February 19

Paris and her new RBFFN, thats Rich Best Friend For Now

Camille is wearing a dress from the Las Vegas showgirl review at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. Viva la girls! Sparkles and spangles and glitter!

She cleaned out the flour from her belly button, added a diamond stud and a dab of eau de dirty bedsheets and the essence of old money toilette water

The photos are of Paris Hilton at Camilla Al Fayed's birthday party in London. Camilla is Paris's alter ego heiress twin from England. Her dad owns the Harrods department store (her step-brother dated Princess Diana) and she grew up playing with Christian Louboutin shoes and Balenciaga gowns, obviously leading a childhood similar to my own. Oh, the memories of playing with mother's diamonds and sapphires, dressing up in Chanel and Yves St Laurent. My glory days!

Like Paris, Camilla decided not to pursue college because she "isn't academic". In other words, why go to school when your family is loaded and you will never have to work a day in your life? He's no heiress but I'm sure Kevin Federline understands.


Blogger BritBoy said...
Oh lord! Please dont tell me we have a Paris Hilton in London too..the world just may implode.

BritBoy @ 4:48 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
they have been friends for a while i remmember in the zeta graff episode paris was with her in london i think all parents of these rich girls went to the same countryclub @ 1:13 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
According to the latest People magazine, Camille/Camilla(?) is dating Mischa Barton's blah ex Brandon Whatever-his-last-name-is... @ 2:27 AM GMT  
Anonymous wink with your wonk eye said...
Bloody good show!

This is what is wrong with the world.

Has anyone thrown flour on her yet? Pie in her face might be nice? @ 1:47 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
shes much fitter than the other one looks like a bit more class....??!! @ 12:55 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
what's up with her creepy plastic eyes in the second photo? @ 2:18 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
that is paris' dress--she wore it to a post-oscars bash.
see @ 4:50 AM GMT+1  
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Anonymous Noah said...
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