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Sunday, February 19

Oh Dear, Britney....

disease contraction
reckless Cheeto consumption

child endangerment

cell phone + gas = explosion


Britney needs a crash course in the dangers of life and all the many rules we peons must follow on a daily basis. She walks into a fecal- and- urine infested gas station restroom, eats junk food, smokes cigarettes, chats on her cell phone despite the obvious large warnings on the gas pump that warns against cell usage. Does she think rules were made to be broken? Yes, she does.

TMZ has a video she might be interested in...


Anonymous mpcmike said...
normal, everyday white trash routines. @ 6:26 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
The cell phone-gas station risk is a myth. Totally bogus, as debunked by Mythbusters among others. Everything else? Just eeeew. @ 3:25 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
that video was kind of lame-o : ( @ 8:58 PM GMT  
Blogger Karalyn said...
Or perhaps she's just too stupid to read the rules?

I say we start a celebrity literacy campaign. @ 12:44 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's all the Pavarotti's fault. @ 5:19 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
"The cell phone-gas station risk is a myth" ...I still see cell phone warnings at the pump @ 4:48 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
^ the cell phone-gas station risk IS an urban myth despite the signs posted. just because a myth is widespread doesn't make it true. wasn't it also widely accepted that the world was flat until that theory was disproved? @ 8:50 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
While I wouldn't equate the cell phone myth with flat-earth ignorance, the basic assumption is right.

There was a brief period of time where knock off batteries were causing some cell phones to catch fire. It's possible that those counterfeit batteries were somehow responsible for the proliferation of this myth.

Either way, since there was believed to be a connection, gas stations took the initiative to try to eliminate any risk of lawsuits. There are gas stations that do not carry these silly and unnecessary warnings.

My personal theory is that the use of a cell phone was a coincidence in the cause of a gas station fire. Since it's been shown that the true cause is static electricity igniting the gas fumes, it's more likely that the person talking on the phone was going in and out of the car, or pacing, or somehow built up static that they didn't discharge prior to pumping. Without any other obvious cause, witnesses, seeing the cell phone, assumed that was to blame.

This type of myth just goes to show you how ignorance, when quoted enough, becomes "common knowledge" and people assume it to be true.

Not only are cell phones not a danger at gas pumps, but Nieman Marcus doesn't charge $500 for it's cookie recipe, either. @ 4:13 AM GMT  
Anonymous Pregnancy said...
Britney Britney Britney... many things happen for this name. @ 8:21 AM GMT+1  
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