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Monday, February 20

K. Fed Bomb

Cornrows and a bodyguard are tight!

You bitches, its me, K. Fed comin atcha. Yo. Let me lay out there for you. I’s in the studio day and night workin’ on my new single which is droppin’ like a K Fed bomb soon. My rap song is called, Shizzle on my Swizzle. Yo man, the shit is tight. Peeps all up in my Kool-aid, shit. I'm keepin' it real and aint frontin' and when it hits the air, youre gonna know it.

Did you see my interview with that magazine? I dont know what one. What you think I am? Im a rapper not no scholar, yo! News…something. Newday. Newsmuntz. I’s tellin’ them that no matter how good of a rapper I is, and I'm good, peeps findin’ something to pick on me for. Yeah. Dats right. Everybodies ear hustlin and writin' shit about me. Yo man, Im just here tryin' to get my swirl on. Woo woo!

If you take a notice, my PopoZao gots 2 million hits man. My shit is the macaroni wit da cheez. You know it. Now Is tole Brit I don’t want her on my album. Its gonna be a hit. Real crunk. I don’t need her coming in my studio and messin shit up. She don’t know nada about rap, man, it takes talent. Talentizzle. My muzic is off da miz-onkey.

Heres what Im saying' "We have collaborated. But I'm not going to put the songs on this album because it's like, 'Respect me first; then I'll show you what I've done with my wife.'"

Show me some respect man, I deservizzle it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've had enough of the KFed lampoons. I'm so sick and tired of this guy that even making fun of him has gotten bopring and tiresome. Move on. I get it. @ 1:14 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, I for one, still find it funny. You do a better K-Fed impression then K-Fed himself DJ. @ 11:13 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
celebrities world is mad and it seems like there is no true important values in their lives. look at this bastard for example: he is the fooking father is he not?! he doesnt beehave! he doesn't even care 4 the wife and kid! hitler should finish off all the cheating and lying men. that actually would help. oh, how i dont like K.F type of guys... @ 3:05 PM GMT  
Blogger XXPosed Blog for Humans said...
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