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Tuesday, February 21

Eat Angie, Eat!

empty calories!

they think they can escape the paparazzi?

Angelina as a child

see the guy holding Angie's purse? I want one of those

Angelina Jolie has been told by her dcotors to chow down and put some weight on her skinny bones. Angie, as I call her, should be gaining weight in anticipation of the World's Most Beautiful Baby, instead she is starving herself. She needs to take a page out of Britney Spear's pre-natal guide and make herself some mayonaisse sandwiches and deep fry a couple of Twinkies. Secretly, I think Brad likes his women skinny. Brad encourages his girlfriends/wives to stay super- skinny and in return he will dye his hair to match theirs. It's true. For that alone I could never be involved with Brad. I like to eat!

Angie has gained twelve pounds thus far and is risking her baby’s health if she doesn’t start eating more. She’s in france! Croissants and fine baked goods, breads and chocolates abound, what's the problem? I would probably tip the scales at over 200 lbs if I were to move to France. Oh wait, French Women Don't Get Fat!

Brad and Angie are setting up house in France just like Johnny Depp. They are doing this in hopes that the paparazzi will leave them alone and they can be a private, normal family... normal Forget it!

The relocation makes it very difficult for Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Vince to come visit and babysit the infant who is rumored to be a boy and be called either William or Marlow. Plus, I don't ship gifts internationally so they can forget about a pair of mini distressed jeans from Auntie DJ.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I gained 5 lbs during my last pregnancy. My baby and I were both totally healthy. You don't HAVE to get fat just because you're pregnant. In my humble, non-expert opinion she looks perfectly healthy. @ 3:54 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Let's not kid ourselves Anon 3:54.. You most likely had extra weight to begin with, whereas Angelina did not. Someone with Angelina's pre-pregnancy body would need to gain at least 15-20 lbs. to sustain a healthy baby. @ 4:40 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
She should be gaining 25-35lbs as thin as she started out. I started out at 140lbs (5'9 1/2") and only gained 19lbs, but I had severe morning sickness until 18 weeks. It wasn't like I didn't want to gain weight. I didn't enjoy getting the lecture every visit by my doc. The weight gain came towards the end. There were reports of Angie being sick early on, she'll catch up. My kiddo was just fine. They get what they need, unless it's nicotine, booze or drugs, then that's not what they need. @ 12:41 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeah, but the difference between her and maniston is that maniston totally sold herself with a complete body overhaul. Chinnifer lost at 30-45 lbs pre-friends and then another 15 during the course of the series using the zone diet, personal chefs, pilates, etc (and probably a good amount of anorexia without regard for the young girls she was influencing by telling them their bodies were not okay). In fact, it's reported she spends 163,980 PER YEAR on her body solely between home machines, personal budokan, pilates, yoga and training lessons, and nutritionists, masseuses, chefs, etc. Angelina was never too much heavier than she is now, and I doubt she is as shallow as Jen to spend that much shedding pounds. She probably lost it through the stress of running after two kids and running around the world trying to help people. Not to say she doesn't care about her looks, but I doubt she is as brain-washed as 'lost 50 lbs for fame' maniston. @ 1:42 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
How much does Ange spend on private jets anon? Have you looked into that too? Are you aware of how much the diamond bracelet cost that she bought for her baby daughter? And that with the money she spent on that she could have probably sponsored her family and her whole neighbourhood's families for the rest of their lives? Do you know that jet planes are accountable for the vast increase in global warming and pollution? And that flying a private jet is one of the most damaging things you can do to the environment? Is she aware that her skinny frame IS a red flag to potential anorexics? (speaking from experience here) and that her knife collecting, self harming, boyfriend/husband/fiance stealing are also out there for young girls to see and think is cool or acceptable? Or are you so far up her ass that you and her own head are fighting for room? @ 4:07 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Actually, 4:40, I really didn't. I was on the higher end of "normal", but I wasn't overweight. After the baby was born, I was on the lower end of "normal" and gained back the small amount I lost. I was just very active during my pregnancy. While clearly not everyone should gain such a small amount of weight (as mentioned, 25+ pounds is expected), it is not necessary to gain like Kate Hudson, Debra Messing, or Britney Spears.

As for what Angelina Jolie should gain, I would say that judging by appearances she HAS put on about 10 lbs, and she's only about 6 months along. The most significant weight gain in pregnancy comes at the end (when the baby is gaining approximately 1/2 lb per week), and she has plenty of time for that.

As I said, I think she looks perfectly healthy. And I second that she's probably burning a heck of a lot of calories chasing after two other kids. @ 4:27 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Angie's ana. That baby will probably be teeny tiny and the nurses will gasp when she makes them put it in a black onesie.

Indeed, how much money do the Brangelina spend on private planes, 5 star hotels and diamond jewelry for babies?

Hypocritical biatches...i hate that @ 5:15 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I do know angie gives a third of what she makes away, and her humanitarianism is out there for young girls to copy as well, but this topic is about weight, not jets, so really, wtf are you bitching about? @ 5:59 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't know what her problem is. I know there is a lot of healthy variation for weight gain during pregnancy. I know how tough it is to have morning sickness. BUT if she IS really that sick, she is NOT traipsing all over the world with her kids and Brad. If you're too sick to eat, you're too sick to globe-trot. @ 6:02 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Angie's baby should be fine; the pregnant woman's body cannibalizes itself to gleen the nutrition necessary to support the fetus. I'm sure she's getting the best care $ can buy. She's not doing anything social x-rays and celebrity moms haven't been doing for years. Look for her to schedule an early delivery/tummy tuck a la Paltrow to avoid the inevitable weight gain.

She's not setting a great example, but what sensible woman would view Angie as a role model anyway? @ 6:39 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Buying a diamond bracelet for a baby is the height of tackiness. @ 6:43 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
i don't recall hearing much about angelina's parenting or humanitarian efforts until the brad scandal surfaced. sheer coincidence or expensive p.r. campaign to mend a tarnished image?

judging by comments like "she's probably burning a heck of a lot of calories chasing after two other kids", it's a p.r. campaign. and it's working. @ 6:59 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
6:43pm is right on...esp for a woman who claims to be a humanitarian and claims to be so intent in helping poor Africans improve their lives.

You'd think she might know about where diamonds come from and the lives that probably went into that tiny braclet for a baby who would be just as happy with a $2 rattle. Blood diamonds, Angelina. Diamond war. She has to know this but I guess when it comes right down to it she really doesn't care and it is all an act.

And as far as other celebs (or other people in general) and their diamonds the same thing does hold true but if they aren't constantly preaching about how they are going to save Africa it is different. Makes it a little hard to take Ms.-Save-the-Poor-Jolie a little hard to take seriously. @ 9:33 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
"judging by comments like "she's probably burning a heck of a lot of calories chasing after two other kids", it's a p.r. campaign. and it's working."

Pr or not, I see her with her children, no nannies in sight, most of the time. Having children myself (2 of whom are close in age to Maddox and Zahara), even 2 hours of just one on one time is physically exhausting. At least with my kids. Maybe hers aren't as taxing, I don't know. @ 9:59 PM GMT  
Anonymous using one of my brain cells said...
4:07- breath of fresh air, and funny too! @ 1:05 AM GMT  
Blogger RedPeggy said...
Thankyou 'One of my brain cells' - I didn't log in my name, was in such an angry hurry. I complimented one of your comments yesterday, with the same thought. Very refreshing! @ 11:53 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
unless you are a stalker, you do not see angie with her children, no nannies in sight, MOST of the time. what you see are BRIEF, carefully crafted public outings designed to make her appear to be a good mother. believe me, she's got help – probably round the clock nannies like a lot of hollywood moms. big deal. it's just that angie's smart enough not to be photgraphed with them thereby creating the illusion that she's a hands-on-mom.

agreed, baby bling is meta tacky and the debeers monopoly should end but perhaps zahara's diamonds came from canada or are "dirty" and vintage. i'm just playing devil's advocate, here. @ 6:02 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I see her more than I see Britney, Courtney Cox, etc. I see Britney, CC, etc. with nannies in a majority of their photos. Angelina is one crafty girl if it's ALL about the publicity ALL of the time. Very sneaky, indeed.

Speaking of without nannies, Liv Tyler is another mother I see who is not usually with a nanny. I've no doubt that these celebs have them, but it's still refreshing to see parents actually (gasp!) holding their children and being (even for the cameras) involved. Britney et al can't even fake it.

But either way, I think she looks healthy, and I don't think it's unreasonable for her to not have gained a ton of weight. She COULD be starving herself, but it doesn't look that way to me.

And yes, a diamond bracelet for a 1 year old is pretty darn tacky, wherever it may have originated. @ 12:10 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I can't believe some of you actually believe this story. I find it both humorous and unlikely that her doctors are now talking to the press but chose not to prior to the big public reveal. The headline Angie is endangering her baby is more fake news worthy than she is doing just fine and is expected to deliver a healthy baby.

And to those that call her a hypocritical bitch for flying private planes. Are you saying that in order to be a humanitarian one must live in a hut and give up all worthy posessions? If you believe that than you're an idiot. @ 6:42 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
How about just flying with the rest of the plebs? Commercial flights, ever heard of them? Works for the rest of us mere mortals. @ 10:26 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Make no mistake, Angie is WAY crafty. Her career hangs in the balance, after all. Popularity = big box office receipts. So she tips the paps off to her public outings with kids in tow. Yawn. How hard could it be? The real question is, what happens behind closed doors? She may be an excellent, hands-on mama but I wouldn't speculate that she is based solely on some staged photos-gullible much? In truth, none of us will ever know what sort of mother she is–good or bad. @ 7:44 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
word ^. of course she's "all about the publicity, all the time". duh! stars manipulate the media, who in return for increased circ numbers and increased ad revenue, manipulate their fans. no fans. no films. no films. no money. no money, no louis vulgar handbags, no new homes, no private jets, no baby bling, no charitable donations. the lifestyle and adoration to which she/they've grown accustomed evaporates.

what lengths would you go to to ensure the financial well being of your family? @ 8:09 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
red peggy,
God are you pathetic- and not very smart! An "angry hurry?" You care so much about your self-obsessed, anorexic Maniston that the mere thought someone might be denigrating her high-lighted flatironed self that it actually makes you mad? Good lord!

And if you think humanitarians have to live in a hut and give up all posessions, than you are not only an idiot, but advocating an extremely ineffectual and unlikely way of life. Angelina may not be perfect, but at least she is doing SOMETHING. Selfish morons like you seem to think for someone to be a humanitarian they must be perfect in every way. Everyone is human, and people do what they can. At least she doesn't spend all her time walking on the beach, doing yoga, and getting her hair done. Planes period are responsible for global warming, not private jets, and she has to get to the countries somehow. Many stars take them- is it only her who should be crucified for it? And the diamonds may have been vintage, cruelty-free, etc. At least this pricey purchase was a gift; Jennifer Aniston spends over $100,000 a year ON HER BODY and her highlights cost $500. No wonder Brad left her. Even with all the self-obsession, anorexia, and loads of money, she was still ugly, inside and out. Hope this doesn't make you "angry" since the lives of Jen and Angie are enough to make you feel real emotion. For me, I don't care about the individuals, but it disturbs me that we live in such a selfish society where someone trying to do good in the world is mocked and a selfish, anorexic woman is held up as some sort of role model. @ 9:37 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
The power of photography is enormous. Originally used solely for documentation and portraiture, it is now ubiquitous. Given photography's documentary origins, our immediate reaction is to believe what we see, forgetting that today photo ops are easily arranged and the photos themselves easily manipulated. @ 11:04 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Are you crazy AND stupid?
Here is a word for you to look up
and I will spell nice and slow..just for you: HYPOCRATE.
What people are talking about here is all the b.s that they can spoon feed idiots like you "team jolie" "team aniston" who cares?
Nobody was saying that people are supposed to be perfect.
A different train of thought can be very disturbing for simpletons, and NAZIS. @ 11:28 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think Angie is the anorexic one.
woof, woof. @ 11:30 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Nice try, 11:28. It's spelled hypocrite, you idiot.

So if humanitarians do anything that it isn't saintly, they are hypocrites? Your logic is as poor as your spelling. @ 4:50 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
You guys are pretty funny, arguing about the diamonds for Zahara. My recollection is that she had a little pearl bracelet. Now go argue about that. @ 4:34 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Think about it: photographers are on them CONSTANTLY. Think Misha Barton and her period stains. There's only so much you can do to present an image. If you are being photographed all the time, you are going to eventually be shown in your "natural" state. Not to mention that there is absolutely no reason for the paparazzi to show her in better light than she is. No, when you see photos of Maddox being picked up from school, it's a photo of Angelina holding his hand, not of a nanny caring for him while she walks nearby. Does that mean that she doesn't have a nanny? Of course not. Someone is watching the kids when she and Braddy boy go out (unless they just lock 'em in a closet?). But note that when the paps snap photos of them at lunch at a mall, etc., there aren't too many nannies in sight, are there?

My point? In order to accept that her adopting children, her humanitarian work, nay her very existence is an attempt to build publicity so as to woo us, then we would have to accept that she's a sociopath. While past behavior may indicate some level of mental instability, nothing to date has indicated that she's a sociopath. She seems to care, on some level at the very least, for her children and her causes. Whether that is the same level of care and dedication you or I have for our children and causes I clearly can't say.

What I can say is (as I've mentioned before), pr or not she is seen WITH her children, HOLDING her children, and most of the time there is no nanny present. If she's faking it, she's doing a heck of a better job than other celebs are.

And one final point, if I may, which is that if you do something long enough, even something you are faking, it eventually becomes a habit. If she is loving and attentive to her children when people are watching, and 90% of the time people are watching, she is eventually going to be loving and attentive merely out of habit. If that's the case, then who cares WHY she's doing it, just that she is. It's not like people who seem nice in public but are monsters behind closed doors. Those people don't have spotlights on their lives like this couple (in particular) do. It seems reasonable to assume that while photos are mostly "easily arranged and the photos themselves easily manipulated", not every photographer and magazine is in her pocket. They would sell more magazines with a "Mommie Dearest" type revelation, then highlight the next big thing, than they do with an "Angelina the Saint" type mentality. @ 2:29 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
natural. schmatural. angie's fakin' it. she's got a lot riding on this charade.

it's simple, really.

why would she go to great lenghts to appear sane and act like a good mum in public? she's got a lot to lose. movie goers think she stole another woman's husband. the u.s. gov't seems to frown on her adopting american kids. so her box office might suffer. and she wants to keep her kids. they make excellent props.

why aren't other celeb mums as adept at arranging photo ops? they have nothing to prove; they lack experience. since few celeb mums share her history of mental instability, few have had to arrange photo ops to prove they are stable or are good parents.

as to why all paps are willing to cast her as the madonna – they're building her up to rip her down at later point. @ 10:48 PM GMT  
Blogger RedPeggy said...
RedPeggy here anon 9.37. You twat. Tell me when I said she had to live in a mud hut? Can you point out exactly when I where I said that? No? Because I didn't. I believe you appeared in one of the other debates saying the same thing to someone else who pointed out the private jet matter.
The fact is YOU are talking about mud huts, not us. We are saying that planes are accountable for much of the pollution that we have to deal with, and of course global warming. We were pointing out the fact that Angelina seems unable to travel by commercial flight, with the rest of us, and that she has to make a separate journey in a private jet. If you understand the concept of buddying up for car journeys to limit on dangerous emissions then I think you can probably understand what we are saying here. N o t h i n g about huts....n o t h i n g about mud. Okay? Just basic principles, normal life. And have you ever considered that Aniston might actually (gasp) give to charity without needing to let everyone know about it? Quite a lot of us do it that way, you know. And please don't insinuate that I am thick. I've done shits that have a higher IQ than you. @ 1:38 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
There's really nothing that can be said that's going to convince me that every single photo taken of her, every single movement is calculated. As I said, that would mean that she is a sociopath and I see no indication of that.

As for the paparazzi "building her up to rip her down at later point", how much farther does she really need to be "built up" by THEM? She's really quite popular enough. The height of the Mr. and Mrs. Smith popularity would have been the perfect time. There's really not that much more to wait for. While she's very popular now, she's not likely to soar much higher. More than likely, she's just going to maintain.

And since I have to butt my nose into every facet of this discussion apparently, in regards to the jets... I'm pretty sure that the alien/elron loving John Travolta does a hell of a lot more damage to the environment via his private jets than Angelina Jolie does by flying to various countries for humanitarian causes (or publicity stunts disguised as such, but I digress). I'd rather see her doing it than TC's closet loving butt-buddy.

Not to mention that this page is now moved and no one else is reading this anymore! (echo, echo, echo) @ 3:44 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I gained 13lbs during my pregnancy.
Angie is like me, very active. My baby weighed 7lbs. Very healthy. @ 5:52 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
without the paps photographing her AND mags to publish those photos, the public would soon forget about angie – there's always another "it-girl", right? nah. angie is popular, in large part, because of the paps and mag coverage. it's a classic hollywood symbiotic relationship. she needs them as much as they need her.

q: how is it that stars more famous than she manage to live fairly anonymous lives? a: she courts the press. @ 9:34 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
"q: how is it that stars more famous than she manage to live fairly anonymous lives?"

A: She actually spends her time doing more than living "anonymously". She's in the public on a regular basis for her causes (for whatever reason). Julia Roberts can live quietly because all she does is stay in NM and now do a NY show. She's not in Africa with poor children (again, for whatever reason). If Angelina Jolie decided to choose a life sitting in her "estate" and quietly raising her children, then maybe she'd have to "court" the press. Because she chooses to pursue her humanitarian causes she is, by sheer necessity, going to be identified more frequently in the press. Living a quiet, anonymous life would not serve that purpose, would it?

What's so funny is that I'm actually on the "defending Angelina" side, and I really have no attachment to her whatsoever. I merely find myself playing devil's advocate when confronted with information that (to me) makes no sense.

Somewhat back to the original topic, but one of the tabloid magazines had a "bump watch" section and they listed that Angelina Jolie had gained (from examination of pictures by a doctor) approximately 15 lbs, more than what I thought she had gained. Of course, they thought she should gain more. But my belief was never that she shouldn't gain, just that, as I said, she looks healthy to me and one need not get fat simply to have a healthy pregnancy.

There's that for whatever it's worth. @ 2:13 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Angelina looks great. Her baby boy will be just fine. @ 5:44 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
She totally looks biracial when she is a kid...her mother is biracial and the genes still show in her lips and naturally tanned skin...(her creole mother (Betrand) is of the same mulatto tribe of "indians" my family is from...hehe more black then indian but it works when you want to pass... @ 7:17 AM GMT  
Anonymous spiral said...
why criticize?

to each their own. @ 5:13 PM GMT+1  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm just happy that she had a C-section and is now scarred. I wonder if they were able to match up those crosses again. lol, joking people, joking.

And gaining 10 pounds during your entire pregnancy is NOT healthy. Water and fluids alone contribute to the HEALTHY 25-30 lb weight gain.

I gained close to 40 and alot of it was water in the last month. I ran everyday until I couldn't anymore and then did cardio machines for an hour everyday after that until I had two weeks left and the difference between my pre-preg. weight and my post-preg. weight was only 4 lbs. I went home and put my regular jeans right on. AND that was with gaining 40 lbs of baby weight. So, I don't believe that complete crap about Angie looking healthy, she looks sick. And I actually like her. @ 10:51 PM GMT+1  
Blogger Sol said...
5lbs is not a healthy weight gain during pregnancy. You are so full of crap. 25 lbs alone is blood, water, and other bodily fluids that your baby must have to survive. @ 10:55 PM GMT+1  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Angelina is not doing all this humanitarian work for publicity but I do believe she's doing it for her self gratification. I mean we all get a little self gratification from doing charity work, but she thrives on it and I guess that's not such a bad thing really.
I still liked Ben & Jen better than Ben and Ange and much better than Vince and Jen! @ 4:24 PM GMT+1  
Blogger said...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
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Anonymous Relocation Sugar Land said...
I gained 65 pounds with my son and never want to do that again!!! I hope that, after having spent the last (nearly) two years changing my eating and activity habits, I will have more energy, make better choices, and not gain quite so much next time around. Some women gain a lot of weight no matter what they do but I'm hoping not to! All that aside, it took me about a year and a half to lose all 65 pounds. It does come off with some work @ 5:28 AM GMT+1  
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