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Tuesday, February 21

Celine and her crazy face

Celine Dion and Elton John sang together at a benefit to raise money for workers affected by Hurricane Katrina. The show was "aimed at helping some 8,000 workers of Harrah's Entertainment Inc. (the company had casinos in the Gulf Coast region)." (

The only thing worse than a night full of Celine Dion ballads is a night of Celine’s funky expressions which are downright frightful. The woman has a powerful voice, there is no doubt but her facial contortions rival Jim Carrey's. A face of silly putty yet the voice of an angel.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
her face is looks funny,lol! it was awesome that they have a concert to helped the affected of hurricane katrin, i hope that this time they will be having a concert again to help the affected in haiti. anyway its also funny watching tiger's video that they said he farted,lol,check this great video of him, but not @ 7:44 AM GMT  
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